We’re seeing a dramatic and significant change in how we drive and facilitate social change and social
good. Many of our institutions, ranging from non-profits to general business, from entrepreneurs to long-standing civic leaders, are developing a new mindset. They’re increasingly seeing driving the social good – and solving critical social problems – as being a critical to their bottom line as a goal in itself, and are working towards driving positive results. Many institutions are rethinking how they are funded, often taking on revenue-generating ventures to give focus to their mission-driven purpose.

The Illinois Task Force on Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Enterprise is committed to fostering a productive multi-sector dialogue that explores and promotes effective policy recommendations to strengthen social sector impact.  We’re looking to engage a wide variety of individuals and organizations across the state who are committed to assisting Illinois in becoming a center of innovation and cutting-edge thinking around making positive impacts on the social good, focusing in issues like poverty, unemployment, education, and health care.

We’re looking for people and groups from all across the state to help us in our work. If you would like to continue to learn more about our efforts, we’ll be posting regular updates to http://www.illinoistaskforce.com. You can also reach us via social media:

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Please join us – we’re looking to not just build Illinois’ reputation, but more importantly, foster the kind of thinking that creates true positive impact, driving social change throughout the entire state of Illinois.