Business Opportunities Committee

Committee Chair: Brian Rowland

Committee Purpose:

We are working to bring down barriers that social enterprises businesses face upon start. Topics of exploration include

  • Reforming RFP regulations
  • Breaking down tape to help these ventures function
  • Compiling a directory so that customers who wish to purchase items from socially minded businesses can, and so that these businesses can work together to multiply their missions and aid in their financial stability
  • Setting up educational programs to teach nonprofits and social ventures how to pursue and acquire government contracts
  • and other related activities.

News & Updates:

To focus the efforts of the BOC, four workgroups have been formed, each of which is currently exploring a different topic. These workgroups and their objectives include:

1. Survey Distribution—Target, distribute, and collect comprehensive responses to social enterprise survey with the ultimate goal of building a statewide recovery resources directory

Join other Mission-Driven organizations in Illinois!
Take a few moments to submit your Social Enterprise for inclusion in the Illinois Social Enterprise Directory. This interactive, online directory allows you to search for, network with, and procure goods and services from other socially conscious Illinois businesses.

2. SBE Procurement Preference—Propose legislation to provide a procurement preference and/or set-aside goal for social business enterprises for government procurement programs

3. ESOP/COOP—Build wealth and retain/create jobs through employee ownership and support of cooperative business development

4. Investment/Housing—Deploy state and other public assets (hospitals, universities, etc.) to reinvest in Illinois; invest in resident-owned affordable housing

Committee Members
Amanda Britt
Edward Coleman
Camilo Ferro
Arieh Flemenbaum
Christopher Foltz
Leonard Gingerella
Nancy Goldstein
John Hess
Wendy Irwin
John Mascarenhas
Corinne Pierog
Aurora Dawn Reinke
Brian Rowland
David Weisberger
Milo Aguilar
Brian Banks
Matt Burnham
Peter Creticos, PhD
Bridget Dougherty
Nurul Eusufzai
Nerissa Rah Kelly
Marc Lane
Susan Longworth
Joan Pikas
Steven Rosen
Aarti Sharma, PhD, MBA, MS
Geetanjali Singh
Karen Williams, BS, MPA
Justin Breaux
Belinda S. Y. Li
Isaac McCoy
Sheri Gibson
Marvin Austin
Brooke Jackson
Martha Clemons
Dennis Kelleher
Deanna L. Nord
Christopher Krofton
Mark Fick
Dan Swinney
Peter Thompson
Fred Iutzi
Jolene Willis