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Meeting Minutes

  • August 22, 2012 (inaugural meeting)
  • October 24, 2012
  • November 27, 2012. Documents in support of recommendations expected to be offered by the Chairs of the substantive Committees for transmittal to the Governor.  These include:
  • Prof. Liebman’s pro bono proposal to assist the State in the development and implementation of a cohesive Social Impact Bond strategy (see Prof. Liebman’s presentation deck here);
  • A preliminary draft of a survey of the State’s nonprofit, for-profit and hybrid mission-driven ventures that could naturally lead to the publication of a social enterprise directory (to encourage consumer and business patronage of such ventures) – and, ultimately, the systematic development of a social enterprise supply chain
  • Draft language for a proposed bill to expand the reach of the L3C, along with a statement of its purposes; and
  • Draft language for a bill to authorize the organization of Benefit LLCs, along with a statement of its purposes .


Report 1 (1.16.13) Report 2 (4.22.13)

Community Wealth Building – Ted Howard Presentation – April 24 2013 Eric Weinheimer – CCT Presentation 1113 Government Innovation Recommendations (Stephen Konya, IDPH) Illinois as a Social Enterprise Hub – Prof Cynthia Williams Liebman Illinois PFS Presentation November 27 2012.ppt.ppt NOW strategy presentation 030413 Public Health Integration and Opportunities (Dr. Jim Galloway)